About The Varsity Roster


We are excited that you are interested in joining the Varsity Performance Nutrition (VPN) Varsity Roster. As part of the Varsity Roster you will be representing the Varsity Performance Nutrition and will be helping others unlock their full potential in sport and in life.

Do you get paid?- Everyone who is accepted to the Varsity Roster will start at the same level, you will earn credit to VarsityPerformanceNutrition.com by way of the sales through your unique discount code and affiliate link. The credit will be amount to 10% your monthly net sales and will be paid out monthly after reaching $100.00 in commission.

Coupon Code- Your code will be unique to you and will be used to track your sales. Please do not post your code to third party links such a "retailmenot". Using your link in social media, in person, or on business cards is encouraged.

Minimum Payout- You must have $100 in commissions to receive a payout.

Payout Schedule- We will make monthly payouts usually in the first week of the month. We will require 30 days between a sale and that sale couniting toward your commission. The reason for the 30 day buffer is to make sure that the items purchased are not not returned. A returned item can not be counted for commission payment.

Advancement Possibilities- Varsity Roster members who perform at a high level can be advanced to the Starting Lineup. Once a Roster Member has shown that they represent the values and mission of VPN and has received over $2500 in commission sales they can be selected to move to the Starting Lineup. Once a member of the Starting Lineup you will receive a 20% commission on all sales and could be entitled to free products monthly as well as asked to test new products prior to their launch.

Once we have our first 5 members of the Starting Lineup we will shift the commission made to qualify to $5000.

We reserve the right to change these commission payouts at any time if we feel a member is not in compliance with the Varsity Roster and Starting Lineup Member Agreement.